Hawaiian Shell Jewelry and Surf Art

What to do? Holes, Wrap, Bezel or Glue?

What’s the best way to set your Sunrise shell, or any special shell? It’s a personal preference combined with the existing condition of your shell of choice. When I find a shell that is perfect for a particular project you have to decide if you want to leave it perfectly untouched or drill a hole in it. The only way to leave a shell in its pristine condition is to bezel it or wrap it. This is what I would do for a perfect collectors item. However if you’ve ever hunted for shells you might notice that a lot of shells wash up on the beach already having a perfect little hole drilled in them. This is because out there in the sea world of beautiful shells there is also the aggressive shell eating shell. Some of the ocean shells actively hunt other shells, when they catch their prey they drill a hole in the shell and suck the meat out. Sounds pretty gruesome for these innocent little shells but that is the reality of the wild kingdom of the sea. Some shells have been on the ocean floor for a while and are broken or are starting get pits in them from waves rolling them back and forth. These shells often are the best for creative projects, they inspire new and different ideas. The beloved Puka shell is from this natural process since it starts out as a cone shell. What about glue on shells? Yes I use glue on shells but that is reserved for crafty projects, and permanent jewelry as once you put glue on your shell it will stick to the shell and forever you have glue stuck to it. The best way to set your shell jewelry or shell projects are many. It depends on the look you want and what you are working with, I am always looking for new ways and ideas. what are yours?

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