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Beach Glass Adventure

Beach Glass

Beach Glass in embedded in Lava

Recently we did a girls trip to a not so secret location to hunt for beach glass. This required a short plane ride and an overnight stay. Finding the exact location was not hard with the help of a google map. We knew we were in the right place when other people also pulled up to the dirt road in an industrial area expectantly looking for something spectacular. Upon first walking out to the beach you don’t even notice any beach glass, then when you sit in the sand to sift through it, it is amazing! All glass, small sparkling little pieces of worn glass, so small that you wouldn’t even want to pick thought it. If you walk further down the road you can see why this beach is covered in beach glass it is an old dump site. There are old rusted car parts mixed with glass. Someone must have burned some of the material because glass and car parts are melted right into the lava rock. There are bigger pieces of glass down here, some wonderful pieces are forever wedged in between the rocks and car parts, perfect pebble shapes and bonfire glass roll in and out of a small cove. This trip was so intriguing, I’ve always been attracted to the colorful pieces of beach glass but never put much thought into the source. It made me realize that coastal dumping grounds are beach glass bounties. Now I want to explore other coastal dumping sites. This is seriously adventurous trash to treasure hunting.


Beach Glass, I like to guess what it came from

I think the brown colored glass is for sure Bud and Bud light, the green glass is probably Heineken, The light blue green is not as easy to find so I think that may be the old Coke bottles, the white glass must be Corona, there is a green almost neon colored glass Maybe that is Mountain Dew, I don’t know if Mountain Dew comes in a bottle. I am going to have to go to the grocery store and pay more attention to the bottle colors. I’m guessing the fishermen and boaters are throwing their bottles in the ocean which is not too cool but we are cleaning it up on the beaches.